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Why hiring an experienced press photographer is a great move for your commercial imaging needs:

The heart of a press photographer’s role is to produce images of the highest impact, to strict deadlines, often under enormous pressure, with minimal impact on the scene around them.


We have vast experience working with the resources available to maximise the potential of the images we take and are used to rapidly adapting to changing circumstances while still getting the job done, we think on our feet and make the conditions work for our clients needs.


Press photographers travel light, we use state of the art digital cameras and wireless lighting set-ups which minimise the disruption of your workspace and/or event while reducing the health and safety impact upon your workplace. This also allows staff, not directly involved in the shoot, to continue their work without interruption. 


We shoot for immediate publication and do not required days or even weeks to process images, in the vast majority of circumstances we would expect to have your images delivered with 24hrs of the shoot. However if you require, we have the capability to provide images for live blogging mere seconds after the picture was taken.


I firmly believe that a photographer should not only be able to beat your best expectations for the assignment but they should also be able to do this with minimal disruption.


The photographer should not be the star of the show.

Corin Messer

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